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β€œThe first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

― Joshua Becker

Self-help and religious author Joshua Becker was spot on when he mentioned that getting rid of the clutter in our lives is the only way to shape them.

Getting rid of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional clutter is the only way to progress.  What you may struggle with is doing it.

Freeing the mind of clutter is important because it keeps you focused. It brings about order to chaos, and keeps your mind on your goals.

It also allows you to make important changes. Removing unwanted baggage allows you to introduce enhancements to your lifestyle, like a new job or new home.

You can liken clutter to the emotional baggage that you carry. Consider being emotionally attached to a favorite set of books that you seldom read. Though you may love those books, they prevent you from making the space you need in your home. Like emotional baggage, they hinder growth and abundance.

To purge your life of anything unwanted, start removing physical clutter. You free your mind of burdens when you get rid of the things you do not want.

You go through the same process as you clear your mind. Release mental and emotional burdens by relieving your mind of clutter and letting go of past misgivings. Do not multitask, as this increases mental clutter and makes I difficult for you to focus. Being decisive about getting rid of clutter, whether mental, physical or emotional,  also keeps your mind free and focused. Prioritizing tasks and meditating serve the same purpose.

Free your mind, and the rest Will follow.

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