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If you are interested in starting your own home business or making money online then you will need to be able to sell some kind of product or service. Probably the easiest way to get started is with affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer is basically a sales person who promotes products or a service provided by other people and in return receives a commission when a sale is made.

Start Simple

In its simplest form you could start with this type of internet marketing by becoming an affiliate, sometimes called an associate, of a large company such as Amazon. You could then promote any of the thousands of products sold by Amazon by building your own website or blog and including product links relating to the content of your website. Any time a visitor to your site clicks through to Amazon and buys something, you would receive a percentage of the sales price in your account.

Your Own Website – Is It Worth It?

Building your own website or blog normally involves some expense but can pay better in the long run as you can include as many links as you like. It is advisable to do some keyword research before you decide on a niche and you can try out a new project by making a few pages on free sites to see if it is a viable topic for a site of your own.

Free Places to Start

There are other places online; free blogs such as Google’s Blogger or websites such as Daily Two Cents, Weebly, Hubpages and Wizzley where you can build pages or post articles for free and include some affiliate links. Check the terms and conditions of each site carefully as most will only allow one or two links.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Naturally if you are marketing products for companies such as Amazon, you are assured that the company is legitimate and trustworthy and you will have no problem with receiving any money that is due to you. Some businesses may not be so reliable and as with any type of business enterprise you need to be careful to avoid any scams. A good way to make sure you are only dealing with legitimate businesses is by signing up for an account with one or more of the big affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or Share a Sale. You will then be able to promote products for hundreds of different companies and be paid monthly for all the sales you make.

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