New Baby Survival Gift Basket for Parents Ideas

A new baby survival gift basket for new parents will suit both men and women who are about to welcome or have recently welcomed a baby into their family. These ideas will help you to choose the right gift items that will help new moms and dads who are adjusting to their role as parents.

New Baby Survival Gift Basket for New Parents Ideas- Care Package

If you aren’t sure whether the new parents are having a boy or girl, it is better to get gifts that will suit both a daughter and a son. Usually, gift items can be presented inside another gift, such as a baby hamper.

Handmade hand-embroidered baby shirtNew Baby Survival Gift Basket for New Parents Ideas- Include Handmade Gifts

The baby shirt above was handmade and hand-embroidered in Paraguay- Image via Palnatoke, Wikimedia, CCA 2.0

A bow usually adds to the presentation of your basket. The type of material used for the bow and the size will vary a bit. If you are putting the basket together yourself, you can shrink wrap it to help keep everything in good shape until you deliver it to the baby’s parents.

If you don’t want to put a basket together yourself, you can order one on Amazon. Usually, this will save time, since you don’t have to shop around for items to include in the basket. You also won’t have to worry about delivering the gift basket for new parents.

Packages can be a good way to show your support. If you put it together yourself, be sure to include fun and essential items, such as teddy bears, bibs, baby caps, shirts and blankets. Make sure everything in your gift basket for new parents is organized and easy to see.

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