Gift for Someone That Doesn’t Want Anything

Do you need a gift for someone that doesn’t want anything? Many people make that statement, but it would be wrong not to give them anything at all. Maybe they already have everything they could possibly want or need. If they wanted something, they’d buy it themselves. Some make that very clear. They’re not good recipients. Maybe the act of opening gifts is embarrassing to them, but some events and holidays wouldn’t be the same without presents. 

You Can Rekindle the Joy of Gift Giving

What they’re not considering is how they rob others of the joys of giving. How about giving them something they asked for? They didn’t think that they dropped hints, but they did. After all, you were listening! They can have exactly what they want. Do you want to know what it is? Hopefully, they have a sense of humor. If they do, they’ll get a kick out of this. The joy that it brings is worth every penny!

A Gift for the Person Who Has it All

Nothing, for the person who has everythingNothing, for the person who has everything


It’s a Gift for a Person That Has Everything  

Without any further ado, the gift that I’m speaking of is called a Gift of Nothing. That’s right. It’s a present, but it’s nothing. When the person says, “You shouldn’t have got me anything,” as they grudgingly open the gift, you’ll be chuckling inside. When they realize that it’s really nothing at all, they’ll laugh their derriere off – hopefully. 

Even if they’re a scrooge, they’ll see the humor in it too. If not, oh, well. You did your part. They got what they wanted, right? Even they don’t appreciate the present, at least they can’t say with any shred of truth that you didn’t remember them. 

It’s the Perfect Gift for Someone That Doesn’t Want Anything

Now that you know of an ideal gift for someone that doesn’t want anything, you’re likely wondering what you’ll have to wrap. As you can see in the photo above, it’s a clear empty bubble that’s about 8cm in diameter. It’s humorously labeled and attached to a 17.5 cm x 9 cm x 8 cm package. It’s the epitome of nothingness, and it’s a wonderful gift for someone that’s hard to buy for. 

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