The Glamour, the Glory, and the Heartache

Some may look at celebrities and think their lifestyle was easy to obtain. Some may even be envious of entertainers but the lifestyle isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Some have suffered through great challenges before getting to where they are today. They’ve had to work extra hard and some even had periods of homelessness. A lot of celebrities had to struggle before “succeeding.” Some have obtained and suffer loss after loss. The public may see the glamour but rarely here about the pain.

Celebrities are in the public eye and everything is monitored. For artists if they’re not producing what record labels expect then they’re at risks for being dropped and some never bounce back. The music industry can be quite cruel. Some long hours and tour after tour. There’s not much earned per record but making it to platinum status can produce wealth. “The money is made through brands, commercials, and acting.” 

No walk in the park. In order to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. There has to be lots of work put in. For some they’re working nonstop. Either having financial difficulties or trying to maintain a certain lifestyle. There has to be “passion for music.” A passion for the entertainment business. Some retired early because of being fed up with how the cruel the entertainment business can be. A lot of entertainers don’t receive their pay from promoters and not being paid can certainly put a person in a financial hole. 

Some work way too hard to receive chump change. Having to fight for every penny. If there’s no brand and no work in the acting field then they’ll certainly struggle. Most get their own clothing line. The revenue from the clothing is something enough to sustain a lavish lifestyle. There’s a lot of labor. If they’re determined enough then they’ll make it to their desired success level and keep going strong.

Before anyone gets into the entertainment business. Some business courses should be obtained. The entertainment business is very tough and if one isn’t aware of the business side of the business then they’ll suffer greatly. Contracts being bogus. Some artists not receiving their deserved pay. Some breaking down because there’s so much pressure. A lot do fairly well in the business. They’re the fortunate ones. 

Being a group add more pressure because they’re having to split the revenue and most money is subtracted due to expenses. Carefully reading contracts is a plus and knowing exactly who they’re doing business with is important. Some record labels won’t use fair business practices and if artists aren’t careful they’ll lose a lot of revenue. Keeping up with what they’ve earned with help produce financial stability. 

“Music is Very Beneficial and Helps Soothe Any Aches so Supporting Artists Helps Music Lovers.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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