Globe Telecom’s Unfair Policy and Poor Customer Service

We know what’s the difference between a Postpaid and a Prepaid type of service, right? As I understand it, you have to pay first before you can actually avail the service of a Prepaid offer while Postpaid on the other hand is where you pay for a service after you have make use of it. As simple as it is, I can not find any reason to cause confusion on us as the consumers of these products. Who wouldn’t want choose a Postpaid over Prepaid? With Postpaid, you will be ensured that you make use and benefit first from a service or product before paying for it. While on Prepaid, you are paying for nothing certain if you will get the expected satisfaction for the price you paid for.

Since I was young, I always wanted to have a Postpaid Plan but companies were very strict in their qualifications and requires a lot of documents. So I had to be patient and waited long enough before I am on the right age of getting a job and become financially qualified to avail a Postpaid Plan/ Service. Finally, I got my first Postpaid Plan subscription for my Internet services and I can’t find the right words to describe how happy I am. Because it is my first time, I am clueless on many things. I had to call their customer support for several times and ask assistance on understanding some things that confuses me. The more I dig in into details, the more confuse I become. That’s when I started to realize ridiculous facts about my Postpaid Plan that made me so disappointed.

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I was careful in choosing the right Postpaid Plan that was offered because I have to consider two important factors. First, if the service it provides would fit to what I need, and second, if the price is within my budget.

I asked the sales personnel who is assisting me for my application,

“If I sign up for the 1,300 Plan, how much will I be paying every month?”

I am expecting additional charges for Value Added Tax and some fees that I am not familiar with. But she made it clear that I will be expecting a monthly bill of 1,300. Of course, that is excluding my first 3 bills.

I listened attentively to each detail as she explains to me the installation fee that will be divided into three and evenly distributed to the first three bills that I will receive. If I would analyze it, it is not right to charge a customer for the installation of the line. Isn’t it suppose to be on their account to make the service they offer reach their customer? Since I am new on these matter, I don’t want to have a negative approach so I reconsidered that fact and acknowledged that somehow they have a turn around to avoid that fee of becoming a burden to consumer.

I was almost done filling up my application form when the assisting personnel informed me that after the installation of my line, I have to pay upfront the amount of 1,300 before they activate my service. That made me questioned what is that payment for because the installation fee will be charge on my future bill. Being charged for installation fee is already questionable for me, now they are asking me for an upfront payment? And because I was so eager to have my internet service installed at the soonest possible time, I didn’t dwell on that issue and paid the amount. Besides, they told me it will be deducted on my first or second bill.

I am very satisfied with the service. Internet speed was great though I am paying for a 3 Mbps plan and only getting as much as 2.5 Mbps upon checking the actual internet speed. 


I am expecting a very small amount to nothing to pay on my first bill, which I received 2 weeks after my service activation, because of the upfront payment I made. I was surprise when I saw my first bill amounting to 2,000. So I immediately checked the details on the second page to know why it came up to that amount. I verified if they deducted my upfront payment and yes they did as it shows on the breakdown. I continued inspecting on each details and finally knew the reason. I was billed a month in advance! How?

My services was activated September 19. I received my first bill October 10 with a Due Date of October 26. The bill period is dated September 19-October 7 but on the breakdown details there are two rental dates shown. I was charged two monthly rental dates: September 19-October 7 and October 8-November9. And I have to pay the full amount on the due date of October 26 even though I haven’t finished consuming the service which was charged to me until November 9. It’s so ridiculous. Paying in advance for a Postpaid Plan, huh? What difference does it make now on Prepaid?

In addition to the charges I have, I have found a Value Added Tax charged on my bill which is contrary to what I was told when I applied for the plan. And I tried solving how much percent do they charge me for the Tax and I had a hard time in figuring it out. They are charging me around 12 point something percent. That point something is inconsistent on every bill.


I was 5 days left in paying my bill last December. There have been a lot of expenses because of holidays.  I was afraid they will disconnect my service any time so eventhough I money isn’t enough, I still made a payment last January 2nd which is only 70% of the total Due. Later that evening, Globe Telecom disconnected my service without notice. Imagine how it feels being disconnected right after you made some payments. I tried calling  Customer Service Hotline to know what happened to my account, and my landline isn’t allowed to make outgoing calls including their toll-free customer hotline number. So if you have disconnected service, you are also deprive from getting assistance about your services. I called Globe’s Customer Service using my mobile only to discover how unfair their policy was. They told me that in order to get my services back, I have to pay the full amount on my remaining balance or Pay a reconnection fee of 300. I was required to pay instantly the remaing balance because it was past due but actually the rental date covered for that bill is until jan 13 which is actually an advance charge already, right?


I tried calling several times to ask assistance on their customer service agents but all I get from them is their policy. Nobody really took some considerations on the fact that my service was disconnected right after I made some payments. It was like I never made any payment at all.  I tried to clarfify that I wasn’t supposed to be disconnected because of the payment I made but all I got in response is the policy. I never felt they value their customers. What I’m seeing is they value their company so much and they forgot what the actual purpose of a customer service representative is.

If you have similar experience and complains  with mine, please share to me how you handled it and what you did to resolve the problem. 

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