Animated TV shows have a huge advantage over that of live action — the characters never age. So that makes it possible to have as many seasons of the show as the network will allow without worrying about someone getting older (in the case of children) or leaving for another show or worse (in the case of adults). But an animated show can also become dull if it never “stretches” past what made it successful in the first place — it can become just plain boring. Fortunately that’s not the case with the ARCHER SEASON 8 DREAMLAND DVD.

The wise-cracking, somewhat overly indulgent “secret agent” is in a coma from season 7 and so DREAMLAND consists of his imagination which is set in the U.S. in the 1940’s? It seems to be that time, taking in the clothing, technology and general demeanor of those seen. Archer is a private eye, in the Sam Spade/Maltese Falcon mode, only of course a lot more inept and a lot less sober (both in attitude and blood level). Someone’s killed his partner Woodhouse and it’s up to Archer to find out whodunit. Of course there‘s plenty of complications along the way in the 8 episodes making up the season. That it’s 8 episodes and season 8 is just a coincidence. Or is it? Guess there’s nothing like a good conspiracy to keep your attention when reading a review….

So why buy this DVD, rather than just waiting till you can stream it from some service you’re already paying a monthly subscription fee to? A couple of reasons — the first being it’s not available other places yet. But who wouldn’t want to have Archer staring at you on the DVD slipcase? Or know that you’ve got the entire Archer universe in the palm of your hand (or at least 1/10th of it since there’s 2 seasons to go). Although the whole hand bit is kind of useless, so put the disc into your DVD or Blu-ray player already.

You’re also getting a good, solid picture free of any an interference or other issues that can crop up from streaming — like losing the cable signal because someone is mucking around with the cable lines putting in a new subscriber, or rain destroying a hub or your home network equipment going dead. You also get Dolby Digital audio that’s clean and hiss-free. Plus one thing you get that streaming doesn’t include and that’s extra stuff. In this case, you’re getting commentary about the episode that’s sure to add more value for Archer fans.

ARCHER SEASON 8 DREAMLAND is definitely a departure from the expected, but most fans will appreciate seeing the familiar characters in new situations. Not that Archer ever strays too far from self-indulgence. And then there’s how cool Archer’s hat looks like (definitely gumshoe territory). The DVD retails for $29.98.

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