Children’s Picture Book: Go Fly a Kite! Go Fly a Kite?

Every little girl dreams of being a princess who can not only save her people but also knows how to go fly a kite! 🙂  The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen: Recommended reading for children, ages 4 to 8.


Isn’t it every little girl’s fantasy to be a princess?

You get to wear beautiful clothes and a crown! Right?

You imagine being the daughter of an emperor or a king makes you very important. Right?

But this is not your imagination or a fantasy. You happen to be a real princess! So why is it that the only thing anybody ever really allows you to do is fly a kite?

Not that you’re complaining.  Hoisting a colorful kite and watching it wave in the wind is huge fun! But you could do other things, if everyone didn’t discount you because you were so small. Everybody! Everybody? Well maybe not everybody. There is one person who does always notice you. In that person’s eyes it’s okay that you’re “the smallest one”.

princessMeet Princess Djeow Seow, youngest and smallest daughter of the Emperor of China.  Not her exact words, but probably her exact thoughts.  Little did she know that one day, the fate of the kingdom would be in her hands.  One day, she would have to prove to everybody that she could do much more than go fly a kite!  Everybody?  Everybody!
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The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen

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