Go To Sleep Computer, Says The TS910 – USB Motion Sensor

TS910 - USB Motion Sensor
A desktop computer uses electricity to function, but few think about turning it off when it’s not needed or because they’re going away from their desk for more than just a couple of minutes. Of course in the case of a laptop, the amount of electricity available is finite at any given time (battery) so it shouldn’t be wasted. Probably that’s why operating systems include a “sleep mode” (sometimes called “hibernation”) whose purpose is to put the computer to sleep after a set amount of time has gone by. Only problem is that many don’t bother turning it on, feeling that it will start working at the most inconvenient time. Perhaps that’s why TrickleStar created their TS910 – USB Motion Sensor.

The TS910 is a self-contained “sleep” device for computers and works through a USB port. You plug it in and that’s it — no special drivers to install or software to run. Its one purpose is to monitor what’s in front of it with its motion sensor (that being the person seated 1-5 feet before it). If it detects ongoing motion, it does nothing. But if it doesn’t detect anything (i.e., it’s in a “dead zone” because no one is there), then it sends the sleep command to the computer. That’s all there is to it. And of course the computer can be woken up in the usual fashion.

But what if you’re someone who sits so perfectly still, no keys being pressed, as to be imitating a mannequin? That’s why the TS910 comes equipped with its own digital timer which can be set in 5 minute intervals up to 30 minutes (with 15 minutes being the default). So as an example, if set to 20 minutes, it monitors whether there is any motion going on within that time-frame and if not, time to sleep PC (or Mac or Linux OS). A front mounted LED provides visual confirmation as to its being operational.

It’s a given that something like this needs to be easy to set up and take away if desired. The TS910 – USB Motion Sensor IS extremely easy to set up, having noted that it just plugs into a USB port, and chooses between the operating systems with a tab on the back. For those in a hurry, a side-mounted “quick sleep” button does the obvious.

The TS910 – USB Motion Sensor retails for $39.99 and comes in basic black — no designer colors here. But that’s good because its not to stand out, but to perform a simple task efficiently. Which it does. What it can save in energy and the computer’s wear and tear shouldn’t be ignored.

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