Want to go Somewhere Then Concentrate on the Goals

No matter how many disruptions occur if a person really wants to achieve and move to a new place where they’re able to grow further then they’ll avoid and ignore the individuals who are trying to cause the disruptions. Not everyone will be focused on trying “to live a better life” and yes there will be some who will try to discourage others from doing so. There will be some who use all of their energy to try and cause havoc for others. Ignore the chaos and keep moving along. There is no time to pay attention to the noisemakers. 

Have to do what is necessary to get there. That’s right. No matter what occurs there is a way to get through every event. There will be the good and the bad. Focus on what needs to be accomplished. What it will take to advanced. To get from point A to point B. Although we’ll feel frustrated at times when having to deal with a lot of matters. There should be no reason why there shouldn’t be any movement. Take some time to think about what needs to occur in order to arrive at the desired location. Of course there will be some who will try to stop a person from “moving ahead.” 

Closing the eyes and just fantasizing about what will come next. There will be times when we’ll want to just forget about what needs to occur in order to reach another level. The noisemakers will try often to get a person down so they’ll forget about trying to leave one areas and relocate to another. Have a right to make decisions and to choose whether to go or stay. It’s better to not listen to what others have to say but of course if the information can be useful then perhaps listening should occur. There’s a choice to do so or not. 

So many are so in tuned to how others live their lives. Following every move a person makes. Pretty puzzling why some choose to be so engaged in a person’s life but there will be some who seem as if they’re addicted to knowing what ‘s occurring in a person’s life. We’ll certainly have to tune out a lot in order to receive whatever it is we’re trying to achieve. There’s no time to be focused on what others are trying to do. We’re wasting time if we’re so focused on what outsiders have to say about what we’re doing or will do. 

It’s better to focus on our own business so we’re not missing out. Some may forget that they have their own business affairs to attend to because they’re too busy watching what some are doing at every moment. “Absolutely amazing.” Isn’t there anything else to do? Suppose not. At least if appears that way for some. Make sure to do what it takes to get there. 

“Keep Believing and Soar no Matter What’s Going on. That’s Right!” By: 

Tanikka Paulk


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Tanikka Paulk

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