What God Provides can not be Taken Away

God speaks about the truth. What He wants all of us to know and He declared that no absolutely no weapon shall prosper. He calls the strong to “rise up” make a difference and to stand. Although not all will unify but there’s always at least one willing to stand up no matter what comes their way. God can call even the ones who are troubled with feelings of despair. What’s been taken away will be “restored” and what’s be given by God to each individual belongs to the persons. 

Can’t claim what isn’t ours. Can’t stop a vision. Be silent no more. Walked on, stomped on, spit on but the antics stop now. “Touch not thy Anointed.” When the attacks come the armor stays on. Believe it. Be brave enough to stand up when they’re trying to create a fall. Bow down to Jesus Christ. Being controlled by any group of people is insane. Being intimidated is a no no. 

Every time one tries to rise up there’s always some trying to pull down. Not just one set group of people. Same races attacking one another. Becoming envious because others are trying to prosper. Being tricked to believe there should be a war between the groups of people. Lies. Making African Americans hate one another. Stop falling for the lies and the hatred. Come up if that’s what needs to be done. 

Refuse to settle for scraps. There has to come a time when the same group of people get tired of being treated like garbage thrown out onto the streets. Harassed and threatened. We’re living in a new age and still have to settle for being treated like slaves. Refuse. Have “every right” to try and live a better life. Talked to any old way and everyday the plans go on to control the same group of people. 

No slave, no puppet, a person. A human being who has rights. Making it difficult for the same group of people. Trying to take away what they’ve earned. Telling lies to try and claim their work. Not the 50’s or 60’s anymore. 2017. The fear should’ve left long ago.” There’s way too many successful African Americans and wealthy ones to allow such antics to carry on.” “Refusing to be treated like a slave.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Our people may stand back and watch their own be attacked, bashed, and threatened why? Fear. God said to fear no man (Meaning mankind). Allow the hate to spill over and fighting amongst one another. The “same tactics being used.” Been abused for too long. Look what’s taking place. Attacking African Americans through technology, television, and the media. 

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