Donald Trump’s list of stupid things he said today.

Donald Trump’s list of stupid things he said today. I am going to post nearly every day when Donald Trump adds to the list of all the stupid things he has said, and still, people voted for him.
February 24, 2017. Oh, the drama of it all. The list continues:
This week the Conservative Party Agenda Committee met and we were able to view all the outrageous people in Trump’s camp. We even got to hear from the usually silent Mr. Bannon who some say is pulling the strings of the puppet known as “The Donald”. He appeared with Prievis who tried to make it appear as if they are getting along just fine. Just like when Trump said his administration was running like a well-oiled machine. Prievis said Bannon was “A really nice guy”. Really, isn’t he the guy who worked for Breitbart news a white nationalist group who were anti-Muslim, misogynistic, anti-Semitic and racist group” He called their group “our culture” another word for open white resentment.He speaks for the old white dudes, the rich white dudes that are running the GOP and CPAP.

This group is just licking their chops to undo decades of good policies that protect people. You know their pick for the EPA will gut the agency and undo regulations that protect us. You know, clean air, clean water, and many other good regulations to keep us all safe.
Trump’s at an all time low appeal rating at 38%. My God, is anyone going to do something about this insane person living in the White House? They are rounding up Hispanic children for crying out loud. Tearing families apart. Poor white people, (and I’m one) are being so mistreated that they want their country back. They hate anyone who isn’t white. The war on brown people and women continue. The silver spoon of privilege that men have had in their mouths for over 200 years is alive and well.
Sessions is now at the helm and is talking about enforcing the Federal rules on marijuana, he’s the one who said that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”. Why don’t you and all the other rednecks have your cocktail tonight, your drug of choice?

It’s the year of “PUNCH THE HIPPIE” where all the boomer values are being gutted by the old, white dudes who want to keep in control. Want the America where they have all the advantages. Hippie values, like equality for people of color and women, for clean air and renewable energy, are being shot down. The Dakota Pipeline is a promise to increase use of fossil fuels at a time we should be embracing alternative energy. Oh, that’s right our Secretary of State, the ex-CEO of Exxon is making dealing with Russia.
Prievis broke the law and was discussing an on-going investigation that the FBI is doing to uncover the cooperation of Putin and Trump’s people to release negative leaks about Hillary so that Trump would win the election.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, will no one be the voice of reason. The mental impairment of our President should be starting impeachment proceedings. It’s the right thing to do.
I will continue to resist, to stand up to the bullies, the mean-spirited men who are oppressing our brothers and sisters who immigrated to our country. Just wait until your head of lettuce rots in the fields because they don’t have the workers to pick the food we need to have. Or the cost of the head of lettuce is six dollars a head. And why aren’t the companies that hire illegals given huge fines? Why shouldn’t they have to pay for their part in this? The money could go to help the ones that get sent back to Mexico. I am so sorry to the Hispanic’s and Muslim’s that are being hurt by this. You can damn well be assured that people are going to vote at the next mid-term election and vote out the GOP, and in four more years, I’m voting for Hillary. You go girl.

Feb 17, 2017 Another day another stupid thing Donald said:

An unhinged President holds his first press conference where he doesn’t rely on a teleprompter, his handlers are standing off stage white knuckled. A lashing out toward the press, CNN, fake news. “Flynn didn’t deserve to be treated so badly by the press. He did nothing wrong”. He was doing his job, No i didn’t tell him to talk to Russia about Prez Obama’s sanctions, but I would have.” The problem was the fake news and the illegal leaks. The Press should be ashamed of themselves.”
Trump’s meandering rant continued for an hour and a half. I kept waiting for a long cane that would hook him by the neck and sweep him offstage. His airing of grievances went on and on. I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown.

Trump went on to say that when he listens to Don Lemon’s CNN broadcast that he’s never seen so much hatred, their tone is hateful. I don’t watch it, then awhile later he says he watches it. Why don’t people listen to Fox news they love him there. I shame all of them at Fox news who keep talking about the Emporer’s coat when he doesn’t have one. Thank goodness John McCain is telling the truth. Paul Ryan keeps ignoring the 600 lb gorilla in the room.
Then Trump scolds a Jewish Reporter, tells him to sit down, tells him “I’m the least anti-Semitic person in the world, I have a Jewish daughter and son in law.
The Donald keeps talking, “My travel ban rolled out very smoothly??Say what? The only thing wrong was the court’s decision. He’s trying to make millions of people “bad” people. He’s arresting Hispanic’s and building the wall. He calls “Schumer a light weight.
His new EPA guy comes in just as regulations are thrown out the window and now coal companies can throw away their coal waste into streams. And no one is listening. Sure the coal people are thrilled, the only justice is that they will be the ones drinking the dirty water and getting sick. We should be lessening fossil fuels, coal and embracing alternative energies. All the progress we made with Mr. Obama is being flushed down the toilet. get used to dirty water and air. And global warming continues while fools run our country.
Trump says his cabinet is the most talented in history. He’s trampling on the Dakota Soiux lands and opening the Keystone pipeline.

Feb 16. 2017, Isreal’s prime minister visited Washington and Trump made a fool of himself. When a reporter asked him about anti-Semitism and racism he answers ‘Your’e going to see a lot of love”. What the heck? Then he talks about the one state and two state solution and acts like he hasn’t read one thing about the subject. He boasts about his election numbers. He’s a boob.

Trump declares that the “Flynn” incident, his resigning, is all about the press and leaks. the very leaks he loved when it was against Hillary Clinton. Flynn and Trump knew that Russia was bending the election in America to Trump. The truth will come out.Trump said he is disappointed in how the press treated Flynn. Really? The list goes on.

Feb 9, 2017, the list goes on, today when the circuit court said no to Trump and upheld the order to stop the ban on Muslims, he says, I’ll see you in court. Experts are saying he should admit defeat and gather his people and write another executive order that narrows the scope, but we all know he won’t. He’s an ego-manic who will never admit he’s wrong. So the circus continues. And Kelly Ann Conway puts a plug in for Trump’s daughter clothing line when Nordstrom cuts the line out. A massive mistake.

*Today Trump equated the United States with Russia, saying that the US has had their own killers. John McCain stood up in Congress and blasted Trump for saying our country has a moral equivalency to Russia.

*Today he

The Donald said that the mission was a success in Yemen when one Navy Seal was killed. He isn’t listening to his handlers, the Spicer new kid on the block that every day has to respin Donald’s words. And the Stepford wives Kelly Anne Conway, and Kaleigh who appears on CNN every night to regurgitate the hate speech that Donald continues to spew.

*Another thing he said today was that they were giving notice to Iran for the testing of a missile.No one knows what that means but you bet your bippy that it will cost American’s the Iran deal that Kerry and other good parties worked for years to get.

In former days since the election, Donald continues to tweet on his own his own hate speech. Yesterday he used the word Muslum Ban after he inflicted the most un-American ban on travelers. Again without running it by the people who know what they are doing. Trump and his band of salivating GOP congress people are so happy with having a President they can control, and can now undo every good thing that Obama and progressive people have worked for decades to accomplish.

In a nutshell, no pun intended, Donald Trump has insulted women, gays, people of color, he’s mocked people with disabilities, he’s insulted Hispanic’s, a Hispanic judge, he’s put down anyone who isn’t white. He’s tapped into the hate of people in America who normally don’t vote. He only recently admitted that Mr. Obama was an American citizen. He insulted Hillary Clinton and a group of Republican nominees that were running for President. Is there anyone that Trump hasn’t insulted? He said that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her where ever. This guy’s a clown and people still voted for him. Trump and his followers have an oppositional disorder and want to do away with anything of diversity and anything progressive.

The list grows bigger every day as I will post when Trump says another stupid thing. It won’t be long, so stay tuned.

The link above is Politico’s 155 stupid things Trump said since before his election.

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