How to Grab the Attention of the Crowd

Many women want to draw attention to their eyes and faces. They use a variety of techniques in order to emphasize their best features while downplaying their less than flattering features. These techniques include makeup, surgery, and strategic placement of clothing and other accessories. Learn more about each of these techniques below.


Makeup has been used by women for centuries. As a result of the high demand, makeup as a business continues to grow each year. Cosmetic manufacturers offer a wide range of products that are designed to even out the tone of your skin, accentuate your eyes, and make your lips look moist and shiny, among other things.

Eye makeup is booming as cosmetics that can be used to either complement or contrast the color of your eyes are only one aspect of this lucrative business. There are various looks for your eyes that can be applied. These vary between more subtle looks for the daytime or professional wear to more daring looks that are more suitable for the evenings.

Making sure that your eyelashes look great is a large part of ensuring that your eyes also look great. Skimpy or lackluster lashes could make your eyes appear to be less attractive no matter how great your eye makeup is. To help with less than ideal eyelashes, you can use one of the special mascaras out on the market that are designed to make the lashes appear to be fuller and thicker than they really are. Today’s formulas are virtually clump free to ensure that you have a smooth and fluid application. Another alternative you could try to help your lashes is a product such as Lilash. This product actually helps your eyelashes to grow more and grow in thicker. It has lots of natural and healthy ingredients that are good for your lashes.

Cosmetic Surgery

Having surgery is not a step to be taken lightly. However, some women feel that their droopy eyelids or double chins make this a viable alternative. If you are considering this option, you should thoroughly research the possible risks and side effects of such a surgery. You should also consult with a surgeon who has lots of experience performing the surgeries that you are interested in. Most people should avoid such fad surgeries as permanent eye makeup, celebrity lips, permanent eyebrows, and the like.


Using certain patterns or textures of clothing can accentuate the facial features. For example, if you have a certain shade of eye color and wear a blouse with strands of that color woven throughout it, you eyes will also be more radiant. Wearing certain patterns such as stripes will tend to draw the eyes of other people toward your face and away from problem areas of your body.

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