Aging Effects Video Graphic Portrayal

Aging Effects Video Graphic Portrayal

Please watch this amazing video and see for yourself how aging affects our bodies.


This is a wonderful and graphic portrayal of aging effects caused by how our individual lifestyles wear on our bodies. How this happens is something everyone should see. Seen like this it can be said aging is a beautiful thing and nothing short of amazing. I am not sure how the videographer and photographer got both ends of the progression. I can tell you it is amazing to watch it take place. I hope when you watched the video you did leave the wonderful sound of special music on as well. The video has more effect if you let it run from the beginning till the end.


Age Progression Software – Used in Searches For Missing Persons

effects of agingSomewhere in the middle of the progression is when twelve years of daily photos were taken. Those twelve years of photos are what this aging progression is based. This type of research is used for software that takes photos of missing children and projects what they look like in later years. 

It would be cool if it was inexpensive enough that each of us could have this done for us. Then we could get a glimpse into what we will look like in our later years. It might enable us to have reason enough to change the ways we are living our lives. To get the full impact of the aging process, it is best to let the video run its course. You will see that the effects of aging are gradual and take time. It is true that for each of us aging takes place at somewhat different rates. There are key things that each of us can do to reduce these gradual effects of aging. Reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol, drugs of any type, eat natural food, avoid stress. These are the physiological activators of stress.

Information Link – The Gradual Effects of Aging

Image credit: Screen Cap from YouTubeVideo

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