Granny Hair Trend- Dye Color Current Style

The granny hair trend is a popular new beauty trend among young women. If you’re a fan of dyed hair or like coloring your hair in any way, you may be interested in finding out more about this popular new beauty trend.

How to Do Granny Hair- Black to Silver


With granny hair, locks of hair aren’t dyed bright pink, purple or even blonde. Instead, granny hair fans go to the salon or get the right equipment and go home, to dye their hair silver. You may have seen the trend already and not realized it.

Steel grey hair or hair that looks really, really white is the look to go for with granny hair. Some young women add a streak of another color to their platinum white hair, such as pink or blue.

Granny Hair Trend for Men and Women

Hip young women like the style but men also dye their hair with grey locks. The shades suit celebrities like Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Jennica Gomez. Some fashion observers say that the granny hair trend may have been inspired by how good women over 60 look with their own naturally silver streaks.

Ladies in their seventies and older who flatter their faces with stunning silver locks have made it appealing for others. Whether it’s grey hair with dark roots, all grey hair or grey hair with a streak of another color, the look is dramatic and beautiful on people of all ages.

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