The Great Benefits of Encouragement

Encouragement can go a long way. Never who needs to be encouraged. There’s some who continuously go through all sorts of traumatic experiences. Some dealing with gun violence, depression, and hopelessness. Imagine neighborhoods where there’s nothing violence. War zones. Observing how so many are so use to the violence. Some don’t know how to come out and others don’t want to come out. Imagine the youth who have to witness the tragedies within their neighborhoods. 

It appears as if so many lack compassion and understanding. To say a few encouraging words doesn’t cost anything. The start should be to encourage self. Not everyone is equipped to offer encouragement. Some are too damaged and full of bitterness to do so. Words can be powerful. Even a smile can brighten up a person’s day. The best read of all to stay encouraged is the Bible. 

Every experience in life the Bible relates to the experiences. Mankind may not take the time to offer encouragement but there’s ways to stay uplifted. One way is to stay away or spend less time around toxic people. Some may find themselves constantly encouraging self. The days can be filled with or without “encouragement.” finding a way to smile even when trouble makes its way in. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to “remain uplifted.” There’s a lot to deal with in life. A lot of adversity. It’s important to find effective ways to get pass all of the obstacles. Not allow the depression in. Keep thoughts of hopelessness away. A great way to be joyful and be at peace is to listen to music. Soft melodies and inspirational pieces. 

Reading poetry or writing poetry. Try to think about the good. Situations which offer laughter and generate smiles. Troubles won’t last always. There will be “breakthroughs.” Sometime shard to imagine when going through a lot of adversity. Keep away the despair. 

There’s nothing anyone can do about the challenges faced. It’s how we deal with the challenges which matter. The days may seem long but there’s light. Even when it appears all dark and gloomy. There will be some “light shinning through.” Some may not think about the good things. When it seems as if there will be no movement. There is. When it appears as if one is going nowhere. They’re headed somewhere. 

At anytime there can a change. Some will receive unexpected deliveries. If yesterday was full trouble. Today could be filled with brightness. If we’re not encouraging self then for sure we’ll be down and out. Can’t depend on others to do so. Yes, speaking to self, supplying the mind with positive words can help the days go a little smoother. 

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