Greek Mythology: The Harpies

In Greek mythology, the Harpies were monstrous bird-like creatures with a woman’s face. Believers thought they acted at the behest of the gods, carried out acts of vengeance and were snatchers of human souls. Some say the Romans conquered the Greeks. Some say the Greeks conquered the Romans because after all, the Romans did incorporate many of the customs, practices, and mythology of the citizens of Greece into the Roman civilization.

By contrast to Christianity, believers know that Jesus Christ acted according to the will of His Father; taught there is only one true God, not gods; preached the good news of faith, love, hope and salvation; and warned people to only revere and fear The One with power to destroy human bodies and human souls.  Harpies are not to be feared because they don’t exist.

Some say Christianity turned the world upside down. What do you say?


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