Grimms Hansel n Gretel

Grimms Hansel n Gretel Fairy Tale

Grimms Hansel n Gretel

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The Grimm brothers fairy tales are some of the most popular short stories ever written, collected and published for posterity. In addition to the fact that the Grimm Hansel n Gretel story continues to captivate children, the main part of this fairytale was set in a cottage made of Gingerbread. This is fact, and gingerbread cookies and small houses are a popular part of winter holidays in many countries.

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This fairy tale is also the one that started rumors and opinions that the brothers had spiced up the story to hide a terrible fact. There is no proof that the fairy tales collected, printed and published by the Grimm brothers were stories of child abuse and other terrible things.

It has been shown that the original versions of many other popular fairy tales, as well as the Grimm short stories, were much more serious than the sanitized versions in modern times. It was the Disney company that did most of the modern clean up of fairy tales, regardless of what the source. If you are interested in the history of fairy tales and how versions changed check out the report at this link. The Dark Side Of Fairy Tales.  Another interesting report on this topic can be found by searching for “The Disturbing Origins of 10 Famous Fairy Tales. Should you want to read the full story of Hansel and Gretel, one of the longest of the original Grimms’ Fairy Tales, follow this link.  There are many more fairy tale stories recorded and saved for posterity by the brothers Grimm. They did every child a favor with the foresight they had to do this great work. Because of the brothers Grimm children will, forever, have these wonderful stories to enjoy.


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