Growth Will Occur Even When it Seems as if Darkness Remains

God created the day and the night. The light and the darkness. Darkness is referred to evilness but darkness is needed in order to produce the light. Even when circumstances seem to be difficult to deal with. There should be thoughts of “improvements” and growth. Things won’t stay the seem. Even when we’re going through storms. There’s always ways to get through the complex situations. There will be brightness. Patience is needed in order to get there. If we’re planning on making it to a specific location then we must go through the traffic in order to reach the destination. Meaning, gong through obstacles, and pathways. 

No journey is easy and we’re not handed a silver spoon. There has to be some struggles in order to reach the “greatness” we want to achieve. It’s difficult when we’re in the darkness but rest assure. The light will come right on in where darkness rests. There’s always hope so we shouldn’t feel despaired. Even when it appears the world is on top of our shoulders. There’s ways to get through the pain, heartache, and the madness. Remaining hopeful is important. 

There will be times when we’re wondering how long the situations will linger on. There will be days when all is well. Challenges are a way of life and no one can get around not gong through challenges. We’ll come in contact with some people who may get under our skin. Trying to create a vision can mean coming up against the resistance. Even when resistance makes its way in. We’re conquerors so we’re equipped to deal with the toxicity. However no one should be overwhelmed by the issues others have within. 

Just keep believing in the dreams. They’re meant to come true. God has a “purpose” for each and everyone of us. The Living God knows who will try to cause havoc in our lives. He’s provided tools to combat the attacks. That’s why we shouldn’t be despaired because hope is near. There’s no forsaking when it comes to God in Heaven and Jesus Christ. The faith is what keeps dreams alive. Believing in self. 

The light will come up and the darkness will leave. Sometimes the light will have to out run the darkness. Finding a way to keep going despite the circumstances. Some offer challenges due to envy. Although envy and greed may come around the vision and dreams. We’re able to move forward anyway. No one can stop a purpose no matter how much they try. 

Here’s an Article About Brights Days. “Look and Find the Good Even in a Bleak Looking Situation.” by: Tanikka Paulk By: (Tanikka Paulk)


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Brighter Days Ahead

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