The GuardPeanut Portable Security Monitor Is Big On Guarding


People who think a peanut is only good as a snack need to read up on all the things that can be done with it. And in this same vein comes the GuardPeanut Portable Security Monitor. What this inexpensive ($29 retail) portable smart sensor can do seems all out of proportion to its size and cost.

Self contained and battery operated, the GuardPeanut looks to a smartphone (and associated app) in order to perform. It tracks movement and so this makes it viable for use as a “guard dog” for any object it is placed on or placed in. Through the app, the GuardPeanut can be turned on and off, moved from one object to another (by hand, obviously) and has a big “mouth.” To be specific, when movement is detected – for example, somebody grabbing your laptop case that has GuardPeanut inside that you had just put down on the seat next to you at the airport or train station — it does more than just send an alert to the phone as long as its within 200 feet of Bluetooth range; the GuardPeanut “screams” a sound alert that everybody can hear and which, if you’re not deaf, should sufficiently remind you that you’re not at home with the door locked.

Another use for the GuardPeanut is as a door monitor — since there’s no Internet connection, the number of times the door is being accessed can’t be viewed remotely. But since a record is kept internally by the sensor, once your phone is within range, the app will now display a report of all the comings and goings that occurred.

You’d think that would be enough for such a little sensor but there’s more. Customization is possible, be that how sensitive the GuardPeanut reacts to movements, whether the sound alarm is to be heard or not and even choices as to what that sound alarm should be and how loud. Additionally multiple devices running the app can receive the information/alerts sent by the sensor, although the one closest in space will be getting it first, with the others receiving the info once they get back in range.

The GuardPeanut comes in green but adds an additional color option as an accessory, along with a holder for wall mounting. The button battery provides power for up to 4 months and is easily replaceable. But what it can protect most likely isn’t so replaceable so it’s good that it’s there keeping an “eye” out for you.

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