A he, he, ha and ha That’s Basically Some of the Sounds Haters Receive

“Any person who tries to achieve in anyway will have to come up against folks who are often called haters.” Haters are necessary, some are overly critical but some do offer some good advice, while others are just plain mean. How to bypass haters? Two snaps and 3 circles. That’s right! Allow the haters to have fun while advancing occurs. If one is in tuned with the haters then they’ll be slowed down. There should be progress. They’re on the sidelines screaming whatever it is they’ll screaming. Are haters trying to advance? Most likely not. 

So the best thing to do is smile and keep on moving along. Some of what is said will sound ridiculous. There’s a main goal that haters have and that’s to cause distractions for a slower progress. When some witness others rising, they’ll become envious, and start saying some of the meanest of things. Some of  what’s done can make a person’s eyebrows go up. Just allow the “elevation” to occur. Lies. they’ll tell so many lies, but think why? The potential. 

That is rising and that’s why they’re so irritated. That’s what individuals should try to do. “Rise above all of the hate.” A lot of haters are in denial. Refusing to accept that certain individuals are capable of climbing higher. When a person has a lot of haters, they’re doing quite well, even if it doesn’t appears as such financially. They’re on their way. That’s why the crowd becomes irritable. Having to see others move ahead while they’re staying behind. 

It’s obvious that they’re behind because they’re trying to pull down. Some may become discouraged when having to deal with so many haters. The key is to keep trying to rise. Eventually the haters will want to come on board. When the storms are over and there’s wealth. They’ll forget about all of the rough roads and how much misery they’ve tried to cause. The cheers will go out and they’ll actually be proud of “the success.” 

Dave Chappelle said, I’m Rich Bit.h” (referring to himself). Kiss my Rump. That’s basically what a lot are saying. No person is immune from the hate. Of course I Tanikka Paulk am not currently a millionaire but well on my way. Connections with Millionaires and Billionaires. So getting the scoop on what to do. The best thing to do is research the “investments.” Anyway back to the haters. Why don’t haters take a vacation? Haters work 24/7. How much is the pay? huh?  


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Hating me= you=you!= YOU= You etc. 

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Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and closeup

Listen haters could be going through somethings. The higher one climbs the more haters they’ll generate. even the rich will hate on the ones who are trying to climb. Are actions really stemming from hate? Could be or not. Perhaps some are just going through some emotions. A lot of people can recognize when persons are in positions to “rise up.” Don’t be surprised to see others take a rapid speed to success. meaning not having much one day and having more than most could imagine. So let the haters hate. Hanging with the rich witches. 

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