Habitica: The Task Based RPG of Awesome

Recently a friend of mine recommended I check out a site called Habitica. This site lets you set tasks for your day and set it as an RPG (role playing game) of sorts. In my own life I was wanting to start organizing my day better and why not make it an RPG adventure? It’s a clever idea on paper and in execution too. Habitica surprised me as to how well it actually functions as a game and task list all in one. You can set habits that you want to keep up doing every day, exercising, writing, and so forth. Mixed in you have daily tasks that you can do such as read for sixty minutes, exercising, and you can even set more things to do as you play the game. You make sure to click on your list as you accomplish the tasks and you gain experience for your character. The habits are + and – and give you a little experience and the daily tasks give you the biggest amount of experience. There’s silver and gold coins you gain per task you accomplish to get new items for your character. You can even use the coins as a reward function in your real life to watch a TV show or eat cake. Habitica is so much fun and addicting in the best way possible. A cool surprise that somehow I’ve managed to stick with this so far but I’m enjoying myself and that counts with this game. 

Even better with Habitica is the creators of the game are always adding new content for you to play in the game. There’s events that pop up in the game, monsters to fight, and all sorts of cool content waiting to be found in the Habitica universe. You can purchase gems for paid content if you want but it’s not required. In fact Habitica doesn’t push you to pay for anything at all and that’s awesome. If you’re someone who likes making task lists or looking to get more organized, try Habitica for yourself. I’ll link the game below and you can see what you think of it. There’s also many ways to sign up either by facebook or just e-mail, whichever way you prefer. You may find yourself as hooked as I am on it. Habitica is easy to get set up and you can tweak with it to your liking. Enjoy this Task based RPG that makes your life better and then you can say you’re constantly leveling up your life. Enjoy the adventure in the land of Habitica and if you sign up, let me know what you think of it. Have fun!

Habitica awaits you!

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