Haiku: Facebook Hackers

Your identity

Can be stolen on Facebook

Hackers steal your face


Facebook is a great place to catch up on things that are happening with the people in your world. It is also a place where hackers hide behind innocent profile pictures. Hackers want to lure innocent people into their traps of lies. They are not called hackers for just any reason. They are called Hackers due to all the lives they have turned upside down in my opinion. Stealing information from innocent Facebook users is something that is happening often within this social network. There are several ways to find out if someone is a hacker.  A few of their ways are:

Very few friends–Hackers will usually only have a few friends on their friend lists.  Look for specific clues that will help you feel safe. If someone tries to send you a friend request for someone that is a writer, a lot of their friends are usually writers as well. If you do not see any of their writer friends their account may have been hacked. I know many writers, and have received friend request from them many times. There have been times that I almost accepted a writer’s friend request until I remembered to check the warning signs that I had heard about Facebook hackers. I did find out that some of the friend request that I had received was indeed from a Facebook hacker.

Strange communications– The hacker may say things out of character for the person that you know, and will try to lead you astray.  A seemly innocent person tried chatting with me on Facebook. I kept reminding myself how odd it seemed for the person to be talking in such a manner that was out of character for him. There may be a friend of yours that really is trying to make up a new account for reasons unknown to you but you need to proceed with caution.

A friend request could be harmful or harmless. I have had a hacker try to steal my identity more than once but one in particular scared me more than the rest. A classmate told me to contact this man and ask him for a friend request because I had money coming to me from a grant. Then after he accepted the friend request he asked me for valuable information. I talked to an attorney, and found out that he was probably a hacker due to the fact he only had a few friends and was wanting too much information. Be careful who are your friends on Facebook. Lasting friendships are meaningful but make sure it is from a real friend.

[Photo belongs to Linda Kaaz]


Source: http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/facebook/ss/Facebook-Profile-Hackers.htm


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