Hanging Out with an Old Regret

                                                                       A Poem

                                          Why should I hang on to an old regret

                                          when the sun shines with excitement

                                          The sound of the trees are rustled by 

                                          the breeze and the vine with tender

                                          grapes  put forth a good smell.

                                          The birds are chirpy, the voice of the

                                          turtle is  heard as they  look down on her

                                          Here she frets again not caring she has

                                          an heavenly Father  

                                          I rose up in my heart

                                          Return return  my sweet heart

                                          I charge  you go forth and behold

                                          the wonders of  the world how they fret      

                                          not . If  thou know not O thou my soul

                                          go forth by the footstep of the flock

                                          eat thy bread with joy and let thy soul

                                          make merry   

                                          Why hang  out with  an old regret





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