Happy June Bride and Bridegroom

Who could be happier than a June bride?

Uumm … a surprised bride and bridegroom? No matter what month it is. It could be December 2014!  (O.o)

Hmmm …  Good answer. Let’s go with that.


It’s summer 2015.

My son-in-law is a professional #photographer and #videographer who specializes in weddings. (Based in Austin, Texas.  Does business as:  SilverTree Videography and Capital Wedding Video.)  He says he’s going to be really busy this month.  Of course! It’s June.



On my #GooglePlus #foodie #business page (Everyday Exotic Spices), in the list of Notifications there was a message saying that a Plusser had liked several of my posts. Several??  Really??  Who was this visitor? No clue. But visited their profile to see if the favor could be returned. WOW! This person is way cool!  Found this post in their stream. The video she shared brought a smile to my face. Could almost imagine my son-in-law being there to capture these precious moments on his videocam and preserve them for the elated couple.  Have to re-share this.


All weddings should be happy, and an occasion for laughter, music, and dancing. But if you throw in an unexpected surprise … it becomes a unforgettable magical memory!


So there’s a brew haha as to whether the random surprise #wedding crasher appearances by popular group Maroon 5 were real or staged. Who cares! It was fun to watch!! The looks on the faces of the couples sure appeared to be very genuine.   Made for a great gift!  🙂




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