Happyroom’s Hueplus Shiatsu Shoulder Massager Will Relax You

Happyroom Hueplus Massager
When you’re stressed, having someone massage your shoulders can be real nice. Only trouble is that few of us have a masseuse on call when we need it. So okay, let’s automate it instead. But then you have to hold some gizmo against a part of your body while dangling a power cord out of the way. That’s a hassle. So try Happy Room’s Hueplus Shiatsu Shoulder Massager instead.

The Hueplus is shaped sort of like the top section of a Lazy-boy in that there’s a padded section going across the shoulders that’s flanked by two sides that extend down the arms. That makes sense, since you’re placing your hands through the leather hand straps at each end which help to keep it positioned correctly. That’s about the extent of your effort because now comes the good stuff. You’ve already decided where you’re going to sit while using it: if there happens to be a wall outlet nearby that’s great because you can plug it in and power it all day. But if you’re seated where there’s no outlet — for example on your balcony or patio or even in the backyard — no problem either because the rechargeable battery has up to 6 hours of operating juice (off of a 3 hour charge).

“Massage Time” so reach over to the three one-touch buttons; the first button starts it all going as a series of what feels like 8 rotating massage balls start moving to knead and pummel you In what will turn out to be a very pleasant way. Adding heat can help too — which is why there’s another button to turn that on — but it’s not an inferno, just warm enough to loosen the muscles and aid in breaking up the stress that’s probably been building up for far too long. Plus it turns itself off when it reaches the optimal temperature (it helps that real leather is part of the construction so the heat isn’t causing any structural issues). The third button changes the rotation direction of the message balls so no, it’s not a “one-massage-fits-all” situation. Additionally, the placement of the massaging is dictated by the simple process of how the massager “handles” are positioned (see, there was another good reason for having your hands go through those ends).

The Hueplus isn’t restricted to only being used on your upper back so use it wherever you can that looks to be helpful — against an arm or the soles of your feet can feel really nice. You also don’t have to be concerned that it might be used to long in one place either, because there’s a safety built in as a 15 minute timer is the default for when you turn it on. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn it back on right away either, because you can.

The Hueplus Shiatsu Shoulder Massager isn’t tiny but it certainly isn’t massive, nor a hassle to carry around or, which is most important, annoying to wear. And since a headache often accompanies stress and upper back pain, it doesn’t make a.lot of noise either. It’s FDA approved and retails for $159.99. That’s a small price to pay for what it does, how it does it and the end result of having a happier person who is using it.

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