Hard to Find Muguet Des Bois Cologne

When I was a young teen and began wearing fragrances, I had a few favorites that I regular wore. One was Muguet Des Bois by Coty. When translated from French to English, it means Lily of the Valley. As a child, the little white bells were one of my favorite flowers. They grew beneath the shade of a red berry bush in the small back garden where I spent most of my time. I suppose that’s why I loved the fragrance when I started wearing cologne. Now it’s hard to find Muguet Des Bois cologne, but it’s still around. It might surprise you to find out that it’s been in existence since 1941. It was new to me in the 1970’s, and it might be new to you now. It’s a classic fragrance, and like many other vintage scents, it has become harder to find as retail shelf space is taken up by new and far more expensive fragrances. Affordable vintage scents are seemingly cast aside.


Hard to Find Muguet Des Bois Cologne is Still a Desirable Classic Scent

A strong correlation exists between fragrance and memory, and all that it takes is a single sniff to become transported back in time. Muguet Des Bois reminds me of my middle school and high school days. I’m reminded of my first crush and fun times spent with friends. Although it is hard to find Muguet Des Bois cologne, it’s still available. However, it’s easiest to find online. I prefer shopping online anyway since I’m not a fan of crowded stores or wasting gasoline and time.


Hard to Find Muguet Des Bois Cologne

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Muguet Des Bois by Coty For Women. Cologne Spray 1.8 Oz is readily available. Although it’s unboxed, it’s the same classic fragrance of decades past, but it isn’t an old stale product that has sat on a stockroom shelf. Those who say that it isn’t the same are having a memory lapse, or they just don’t care for it as they did years ago. Most verified buyers gave it a five-star rating, and they can’t all be lying. Preferences change with time. Some scents that I liked years ago I wouldn’t wear now, but they’re the exact formulas that were made decades ago. What would a company gain by trying to fool long-time fans and customers? My bottle contained the same classic fragrance that I remember from long ago. It was hard to find Muguet Des Bois cologne, but it was worth the search. It brings back great memories.


Product Details

  • 1.8-ounce bottle
  • Described as fresh and flowery
  • Considered perfect for the office
  • Packaging may vary


It Will Take You Back in Time

Whether you’ve enjoyed Muguet Des Bois cologne by Coty for decades or will be trying it for the very first time, you’ll remember activities and events that evolved around the fragrance. The scent creates a memory stamp, as do many other favorite fragrances. It will always remind me of days gone by. Love’s Baby Soft, Jovan’s Wild Musk and Heaven Scent are also scents that I still love.

I find it funny that it’s recommended for office wear in the description. I’m a freelance writer now, and I don’t want to recall the days when I worked a soulless office job in the basement of a bank. It’s a nice suggestion for the nine to five crowd, but I’ll wear it whenever the feeling hits. My office happens to be my reclining chair, and although it’s hard to find Muguet Des Bois cologne by Coty, I plan on wearing it whenever I want

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