Harlow-McGaw View Rustlers Beware (Part One)

View rustlers beware!

If I had my way.

Clarence here.

Your Daily Two Cents and Writedge deputy editor.

Since Runbum’s momentarily indisposed…

I’m layin’ down the law in his stead.

It seems some of ya’ll have been hackin’ into the sites’ code, rustlin’ up all kinda views that your lame articles never earned.

Ya’ll have cost the owners thousands of dollars. That there’s right. Thousands of dollars that might’ve been used to give us honest folks a well-deserved raise. Thousands of dollars that might’ve been spent on software upgrades to make these here sites even better.

Rustlin’s a hangin’ offense. ‘Least if it were up to me.

Good thing for your sorry, thievin’ butts (‘scuse the French) that the owner ladies are a couple of real nice gals. Way too nice, ‘far as I see it.

“You’d best be outta town by sundown.”

But things are gonna change ’round here still. DTC and WE are switchin’ from pay per view (ppv) to adshare. Now I ain’t nobody to mess with details and such. (‘Cept when it comes to editin’ y’all’s sorry writin’, that is.) So best check on the forum or that there Facebook support group fer that.

Here’s all ya’ll gots to know. You good folks out there’ll still get every cent ya’ll earn. Fair and square. As fer you cheaters, take a look down my double-barrel. Truth be told, I’m in the mood fer a neck-tie party. And you’d best bet them owner ladies, dolls though they is, ain’t gonna keep the reins on me forever.


I ain’t holdin’ back much longer, vermin.

I ain’t in the mood fer jabberin’ no more. I’ve laid my cards on the table.

Runbum’s headin’ ’round here come mornin’.

I imagin’ he ain’t gonna take too kindly, neither.

The sheriff’s back in town, so you’d best not mess around.


Ya’ll can up the ante or fold. Your choice.

Signin’ off,

Runbum’s deputy editor,

"Go on, git!"


(images from Pixabay)  (“CLICK HERE” for Part Two: Share the Harlow-McGaw Dream.)

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