Hatchet Movie Based On A Book- Gary Paulsen Novel

Many fans wonder if the Hatchet movie is based on a book. In Hatchet, Brian, has to survive a plane crash in the wilderness, with his only tool being a hatchet his mother gave him. This teen and young adult action and adventure novel is the first in a series.




The Hatchet movie is based on a book written by Gary Paulsen. The original novel was published in 1987. However, that was not his earliest book. One of the earlier ones you may want to check out is Mr. Tucket, which was published in 1969.


Hatchet Movie Based On A Book- Gary Paulsen Novel

Hatchet Movie Based On A Book- Gary Paulsen Novel

Gary Paulsen Novel

If you are looking for a Gary Paulsen Novel, you have several to choose from. This highly rated writer of young adult novels has written the following in addition to Hatchet:

Brian’s Winter

The River

Woods Runner


Lawn Boy


The Winter Room

The first movie made from the book was A Cry In The Wild, which was released in 1990. Fans of young adult wilderness survival novels will also enjoy Brian’s Hunt and Brian’s Winter.

If you enjoy nature and the outdoors Brian’s Winter is a good story to read. It has gripping descriptions of the challenges that Brian faces and the book moves at a fast pace. Even if you are over 55, you will enjoy this book and its accounts of living in the wild.

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