Healthy Music Affects Us All

healthy musicDoes Healthy Music Affect Us

Is music healthy? Is good music the same thing as music that is healthy for us all? Those two terms could be about the same thing, or not at all.

There is no doubt that listening to music is good for our health. Most of us have, quick at hand, several ways to support the notion that listening to music is healthy. Good music supports and lifts the spirit of the depressed. It also is a factor in the care of elderly patients that exhibit any of the various stages of dementia. Listening to music is good for our health, our stamina and our endurance. There are many different ways that medical science has determined that music is healthy for human beings. But, is all music healthy?

I am not so sure that these days, all music can be called healthy. The reasons for my concern are as follows. As I drove back from Portland to Seattle yesterday, I was amazed and a bit shocked at something I noticed for the very first time. Although I did not keep a formal tally, it sure seemed to me that over 80% of the music heard on the radio yesterday, was either about sex or contained an inordinate amount of cuss and swear words. In my opinion, especially for younger listeners of music on the radio, there is a lot of music out there that is anything but healthy. There is way too much language used in Hip Hop and Rap music about drugs, sex, alcohol and violence. 

Information Link – Parenting and So-Called Unhealthy Music 

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