Hear and Don’t Hear see and Don’t see

Whatever does Tanikka Paulk mean? The title is saying to use the hearing but refuse to allow the words and communications which add no “value” to sink in and to see what’s going on but do not focus on the negatives. There are a lot of negatives which will float about. A lot will be said and some are just talking and may not even know what they’re talking about. It’s better to continue on a positive path which will add value then to continue to allow the negatives to sink into one’s thoughts. 

Some have discovered that they’ll have to face many challenged individuals. Some never letting “up’, never being quiet, just causing all sorts of havoc. There are ways to deal with such individuals and situations. No person has to be in tuned with the noisemakers. There should be progress and although there will be times when one may become quite irritated with all of the hoopla. It’s best to find a peaceful place to gather thoughts. Some are testy. Using their words to try and cause an upset. Ignoring is best most of the time. Some may try again and again to try and cause interruptions.

If any person expects to get ahead to excel in “someway” then there will need to be a decision to remove what isn’t needed. There are some who will continuously try to gain a persons attention and not in a positive manner. Of course when they’re doing such things, one can become very annoyed, sitting somewhere in solitude is helpful. Persons must try to keep their sanity and allowing others to attack the mind can certainly break the mind down. 

“Some continue to use words in order to create a distraction.” Hoping that the distractions will cause one to stop excelling. For instance if a person tells another that they’re going nowhere then that means they’re expecting that a person is going nowhere. Don’t listen to the individual some may find that their actions will cause their own decline. Words have been used to pierce hearts for so long. There are ways to block out the negative words and quickly replace the negatives with positives. 

Keeping sane is very important and there are some who will continuously try to create insanity. The ones who do so aren’t mentally healthy. A lot of times the actions are merely competitiveness. Some can’t accept seeing others headed somewhere so they’ll try to stop the process. There are some who can’t stand to see others joyful or to experience greater so they’ll try to hinder what’s taking place. “Keep going despite what so many will try to do.” 

A lot of what takes place is simply occurring because there are some who don’t want to see others get ahead because they’re afraid of being left behind. Block the noise out and yes even the ones who are close will have to be blocked out as well. It’s amazing what some are willing to do in order to try and get others down. There are some who are way too determined to stop and stopping isn’t something the persons should be doing. “Keep Believing and Watch the Breakthroughs and the Victory Occur.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Headed Somewhere Despite the Actions of Some.”  by: Tanikka Paulk

“The Grass Grows and so Will I Tanikka Paulk”

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