Heat Fans Want Dwyane Wade to Stay in Miami

The fans are on edge, they’re wondering if Mr. Wade County will be staying or leaving The Miami Heat. I’m a fan and I certainly hope that Wade will stay with The Miami Heat. I would hate to see him go and so would the rest of his fan base. There’s much speculation. Is it possible that Wade could join his friend and former teammate (LeBron James)? There’s plenty of communications that lean in that direction. How would that decision affect The Miami Heat? 

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Heat fans know that Wade has put in a lot hard work with The Miami Heat Organization and he deserves what he’s asking for. He made sacrifices for his team, he’s a real team player, and he cares about the Miami Community. We’re hopeful that he will stay in Miami but you know how things could turn out. There’s lots of speculation but that won’t give anyone an answer to the big question. 

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We’ll have to wait and see what happens. It would be so disappointing to see Mr. Wade County move on to a different team. One must do what’s best for them and it doesn’t matter what others have to say about it. If Wade feels that it’s in his best interest to leave than we have to respect that. I’m hoping that he stays. What ever his decision. I wish him the best. 


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