Heroes Reborn Starts This Friday!

Heroes Reborn starts on Friday!

They thought they were normal, until their discovered they have extra ordinary abilities.  They were called “the gifted” and “the company” hunted them either to control them or to eliminate them. One of them wanted to have the abilities of other super-humans, killing them in the process and became a super villain, while the others became Heroes!

Although I wasn’t able to watch the last two seasons of Heroes and can only half remember the episodes that I have seen, I loved the series. The concept of the “gifted” in this series is similar to the mutants of Marvel Comics. The “gifted” are often feared, hunted down and persecuted by the normal human beings.

In the first season of Heroes, some of gifted were hunted down by both the Company and the super villain known as Sylar.  The super-powered serial role was perfectly played Zachari Quinto ( the new Mr. Spock in the Star Trek reboot), he easily became my favorite super villain.  On following seasons though there were lots of changes in the characters. Some gifted died, and new ones appears. 

Heroes Reborn 

Heroes Reborn – the fifth season will start on Friday.  I missed a lot on first four seasons but I’m excited to see the TV show again. There will some familiar faces on the show and a lot of new ones. Would it be great season for the “gifted”? I hope so.




Image source: screen grab from Youtube.


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