The Higher one Goes the More Resistance There Will be

Not everyone will want to see achievement occur but anyone achieve shouldn’t be bothered with the negatives. The hecklers will heckle but no amount of heckling should prevent “prosperity.” Too many people fall short because they’ve believed what the critics say. With an over competitive world. There will lots of resistance. So it’s important to focus on the path and to remove the ones who refuse to encourage. 

We simply don’t need a lot of people around. Especially individuals who are constantly weighing everyone down. There will be so many who will try to intimidate in order to make their way ahead. The “main focus” should be on excelling. Progress will be made when toxins are removed. Some may not be pleased with progression. The opinions should not be the center of attention. 

It’s better to remove whatever hinders. When we allow others to dictate the dreams then we’ll lag behind. There’s growth when we’re focusing on greatness. Better outcomes occur when we’re refusing to accept what opinionated and distracting people have to say. No matter what we “achieve.” There will always be some who disagree. The disagreements may occur but the disagreements doesn’t mean that we should stop living the dream. 

Some stop progressing because of outsiders. The fear sets in and the motivation is removed. No one can please everyone can no one should try. If we want to achieve then that’s what dreamers should do. Everyday, make some sort of progress, no matter who heckles. Naysayers will have their say. The loud noise shouldn’t not create a cease to a vision. Some feel better when others aren’t happy. For so many. Living their dreams creates happiness. 

It’s unfortunate that more people aren’t encouraging visionaries to excel. Sometimes when others are having difficulties competiting then they’ll think of ways to produce distractions. There must be a refusal to stop living the dream. We’re capable of achieving great things despite the circumstances. Even if the environment is hostile. Growth can still occur. 

Never stop a living a dream because others disagree. Dreams should occur even if it takes longer than expected. No amount of resistance should prevent anyone from going fourth with their dreams. Visionaries should be excited about elevating. It’s best to tune the noise out so that more progress is achieved. Blocking out communications that won’t help create better living is a great choice. No need to focus on the unproductive. Remember if others are trying to create distractions then they’re probably not being productive. 

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