Hillary raises her voice and men’s hackles go up

Hillary raises her voice, and men’s hackles go up. It’s acceptable for men to raise their voices but when women do it, they say we’re raging, shrieking lunatics. It’s a cultural, unconscious reaction to having to share the limelight during discussions, an adverse reaction to “He who speaks loudest wins” way of thinking. It’s been some men’s way of silencing women for decades.

This whole resistance is because of the impending prospect that a woman may be our next President. A classic battle between the sexes for power. Those men can’t handle feeling like they are being marginalized. (Now that’s a switch) It’s a white, male conundrum, they can’t get the old America back, where old, white dudes ran things. Trump’s “make great again”, appeals to mostly whites.

The world is now empowering people of color and women. Talk about a revolution!!

Hillary’s support from older white women reflects that she could fight for wage equity for the baby boomer women who have worked the past 45 yrs at 76 cents on the dollar. It would also help their daughters, the millenniums. (Did you know Women lose $143,000 by the time they are 65, due to the gender gap?) Where is the outrage over that?

Next time you get a chance, watch Trump, he’s the symbol of a man who wants to go back to the “good old days” where people of color and women are kept in our place: silent. Our place is in the White House and in the board room.

What would our grandmothers want us to do? Vote in our first woman President. I am woman hear me roar.

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