How We Can All Help Others During the Holidays

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It’s the holiday season again, and for many people, that means giving gifts, enjoying time with friends and family, maybe relaxing with a few days off work. For those of us lucky enough to have a comfortable life, it can be a wonderful time of year…but what about those who aren’t so fortunate? How do they feel during the holidays?

For them, it’s season that can bring more sadness than joy. If you live in poverty or are part of the working poor, it can be a really difficult time. What can we do to help those in our very own neighbourhoods who are struggling?

There are many different community service organizations like #foodbanks, toy drives and other groups who would be very happy to receive a donation of money, non-perishable food, clothing or a new unwrapped toy for a child or a gift for a senior who is facing the holidays alone.

If you can’t give a gift of money, there is a still way you can help that is just as valuable. The gift of time can be just as important as a monetary donation. Volunteer to fill food hampers, wrap toys or distribute clothing. If you know of a #senior in your neighbourhood who is all alone, stop buy with some fresh baked cookies and spend some time with them. Help serve a hot meal to a homeless person or volunteer some time with an organization who helps #veterans reintegrate into civilian society. If helping animals or the# environment is more what calls to you, volunteer at your local #shelter, sanctuary or re-homing organization.. Do you have any special skills? Many groups can make good use of them. For example, if you are a writer, you can volunteer to write a promotional piece for them, then help to share and promote it. “Techies” could help with web site design and construction, while those with a more artistic bent can help to design promotional materials, take photographs, etc.

While I’m all for helping those in developing countries, there are people right here who need our help just as much. We all have something to give, not only during the #holidays, but all year round too.

As the old #Christmas carol says:

“wealth or rank possessing,
ye who now will bless the poor
shall yourselves find blessing”


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