On being a Home-based Professional

Majority, if not all, of the mothers in the world might agree when I say that much as we’d like to earn a living for our family, we would still prefer staying at home – making breakfast for the whole family, waiting for kids to arrive from school after doing the laundry and cleaning the house, and massaging our husband before going to bed.

When my desire to be such an ideal mom and wife got too high, I decided to quit regular employment. I enjoyed being a plain home-maker for a couple of months before I started complaining about everything in life for the mere reason that I was no longer making my own money even for my simplest leisure of getting my nails done and purchasing a new leather purse. Call it the ironies of life! Sigh.

I then tried my luck on being a home-based professional. I registered to practically all websites offering these kinds of opportunities. I have had a bunch of clients who’d hire my services for three to six months and would bid goodbye for services were, as they put it, ‘excellently rendered’ already. I mediated. I soul-searched until I reflected that what I enjoy the most apart from being with my husband and my two sons is writing.

Getting paid for passionately doing what I love in the comfort of my home is absolutely heaven for me. It really is a great thing I came across Daily Two Cents!


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