Homeschool New Year Resolutions

homeschool new year resolutions

Now that Christmas is over and we’re heading into the new years it’s time to make some homeschool new year resolutions. While you probably planned out your whole homeschool year already, this is a great time to think about how everything is going. With this in mind, here are some homeschool new year resolutions that you may wish to consider making.

Stay Focused On School During The School Day

It’s easy to get distracted with “life” when you should be doing school. Make one of your homeschool new year resolutions to find ways to help everyone focus more. Maybe as part of this homeschool new year resolution you’ll need to turn the computer and phone off until after lunch, at least.

Include More Fun Stuff

While it is challenging to get the academics covered well, part of the joy of homeschooling is being able to explore, investigate, and create things with your child. For this reason, you should consider making a homeschool new year resolutions to include things like nature walks, working on projects, or trying out new recipes together.

Involve Dad

Although your husband probably has a full-time job during the day, making it challenging for him to help with homeschooling your child, a great homeschool new year resolution is to get him involved. Fortunately, there are some easy things that he can do such as reading a book or calling out math facts. This is definitely a homeschool new year resolution that he’ll need to agree to make with you but your child will appreciate it.

Make The Most Out Of Trips

Your last homeschool new year resolution is to make the most out of the trips that you take as a family. You can actually turn this into a unit study where you research the destination, find it on the map and trace out the travel route.

With these homeschool new year resolutions you’ll be ready for a great end to this school year. If you need any more advice, there’s plenty of it found here…

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