Hospital Donations for Jay and Kimberly Henry

Hospital Donations and stabilizing Mental Health

 Hospital donations will help the lives of Jay and Kimberly Henry stabilize their mental state a lot more by helping with some of their medical- bills they have accumulated. On August 19th, Jay and Kimberly Henry lost their newborn son, Jaython, after the fight for his life.  They woke up one morning to get the shock of their life. They found their son not breathing. CPR was administered until the ambulance arrived.  Their son then was life lifted to Children’s Hospital. He was born around a week before he passed away. Now their lives are forever changed. They thought they were going to start planning their day to day lives together. They thought three souls would reside in their home together loving and growing with each other day after day. Hospital Donations are needed so their mental health can start the healing process.

Jaython’s parents told me he was pronounced brain dead on August 19th. Kimberly Henry and her husband Jay did not want to watch their baby suffer. Kimberly Henry expressed to me these words of their loss. “So we took him off the vents and he went to be with the Lord. It hurts every day not having my baby with me and some days I break down.” Kimberly told me he was their miracle child who was just too perfect for this cruel world. Right now Jaython’s parents are having a rough time because they unable to return to work at this time. I want to help this couple the best I can by raising donations to help with their bills and expenses.  The Jay and Kimberly Henry want to say,” Every little bit helps and is much appreciated, Thank you in advance!”


I will tell you how I met Jay and Kimberly Henry. I was on Facebook one day and I saw a post from a mother that was asking for prayers because her baby was fighting for his life. They had posted pictures of their son Jaython that was barely hanging on to life. The couple posted memories that they made while they were in the hospital. These pictures were very touching to say the least. Something inside my big heart had to find out more about what had happened, and how I could help them.

Time to say Goodbye

Kimberly had posted an article she found about CuddleCot that can help parents get a chance to say goodbye for stillbirth etc. by using a cooling bassinet to give the body a chance to stay cool so the family of the deceased can bond and feel connected for life in a more real sense. After writing the article about that topic something inside me knew I had to do more. Did an angel guide me to her post knowing I could help them? Jay and Kimberly Henry will touch your hearts too if you look at the picture on this article.  Will you find it in your hearts to help this couple make ends meet?

I may never meet this couple but I know they  are dear friends to me already. I want to ease their pain the best way that I can, and that is by helping them get back on their feet gently. I know with all of our help Jay and Kimberly Henry will smile and know that the world does having caring people in it. If you believe in prayer like I do pray that the Lord will guide all my readers to reach out their hearts and hands and give them a piece of loving charity. I feel God will bless a happy giving heart Donations for their hospital bills are great, however when loving hearts come together their financial situation will ease their hearts.

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