How Do I Manage So Much Writing and Vlogging in a Day?

When I said that I was going to be doing more vlogging, it was meant with surprise. Not everyone can understand how a mom of two can manage so much in a day.

I can understand where that surprise comes from. Not everyone is used to having to manage so much. The only reason I can is because I’ve learned how to over time. I’ve been writing online for five years professionally (but written for a lot longer than that) and been a mom of one for three and a half years. Recently I’ve had the new addition, but after one the second child seems much easier (as long as I’m not trying to do things during her colic hours).

But that doesn’t help you right now, does it? You want to know how I manage so much writing and vlogging in a day? How do I then manage the housework and my Weight Watchers classes? Well, I’ve answered it all in a short video—yes, I have vlogged my answer and I’m including it in a post!

If you haven’t got time to watch the 5-minute video (I hope you do), it’s all about using my time productively. In the video I actually go through how I manage that with every minute of my day.

If you found the video useful, please do feel free to share. I’d love to keep helping others with their writing and vlogging dreams.

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