How Freelance Writers Use Those Extra 5 Minutes

Throughout your day, there are high chances that you get five minutes here and there to do nothing. Freelance writers know how to use those extra five minutes to their advantage. No, they don’t get posts written in that time, except possibly a very short, personal blog post, but they do get stuff done.

freelance writersI use those five minutes as much as possible to be as productive as I can. Here are three ways that you can use them, too.

Start writing your blog posts

Just because you can’t finish a post, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write one. The extra five minutes here and there could mean the difference in getting an extra article or blog post completed in one day and not doing anything at all. Even if you can just get an outline written, it’s better than nothing.

When you know you can’t get even an outline written, what about doing some of the research for your post. Those five minutes here and there could mean the difference between having a well-researched article and one that uses just one, opinionated source.

Make a video

More and more freelance writers are turning to video to get their messages across. That’s simply because people want to watch the videos rather than read an article. You could use the five minutes in your day to film a video. You’ll find that you can say so much more in a shorter amount of time that it will take to write it.

There’s no need to worry about publishing or editing it right now. Just use the five minutes to get your video recorded. The next time you get a chance—maybe set some time aside or use the other five minutes in your day—do the editing and get it up on your blog.

Do the annoying paperwork

It doesn’t have to be all about writing or getting content out there. Freelance writers have paperwork to do. You’ll have taxes to file and accounts to keep up to date. Those five minutes here and there can help you get on top of it. Spend your first five minutes working on one client and then the next five minutes working on another. By the end of the day you’ll find that it’s all done without you even realizing it.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of five minutes that you have, when you think you don’t have time to do anything. Rather than sitting with your feet up—of course, some of those five minutes need to be spent that way—get on with some work. It may be done in small bites, but by the end of your day your whole to-do list could be completed. That’s how many successful freelance writers work to be as productive as possible.

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