How to Cancel Automatic Boost Mobile Payments

Do you need to know how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments? My son wanted Boost Mobile phone service instead of the Straight Talk Wireless account that we shared. His friend said that BM was better, and of course his friend’s advice meant more than mine. The service was $10 more per month, and it had usage limits. I continued paying his monthly bill to help him out over the past two years, but he’s an adult with a good job now. He earns more than I do, and I had to find out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments for good.


The FAQ Section Doesn’t Provide Helpful Answers for Those on Auto-Pay

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see anything about cancelling automatic payments when searching the site. I gave up on trying to figure out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments on the BM site, but I didn’t find clear-cut info anywhere. I was about ready to pull my hair out, but I didn’t give up. I finally figured it out on my own, and hopefully my experience will help others that want the charges to stop and the service cancelled for good. The company obviously doesn’t want to make auto-pay easy to cancel. That’s just one of the many reasons why I’ll never sign up for BM again.

Take a look for yourself at General Account Questions at the Boost Mobile site. Scroll down to the bottom of the FAQ page. It says to simply quit paying and walk away. It also says that plans cancel on their own, but automatic payments certainly wouldn’t cancel on their own. The money would continue coming out as long as the source of funds existed. The site provides advice to those on a monthly plan. It says that accounts unpaid will automatically cancel after 60 days. That might also apply to auto-pay accounts, but their info is very unclear.


Step-by-Step Info on How to Cancel Automatic Boost Mobile Payments

    1. You must do the following at least three days before the next payment is due
    2. Login to your Boost Mobile account using your phone number and four-digit pin
    3. Click on the plan & add-ons tab
    4. Change your payment plan to manual within the drop-down menu
    5. You should see a Summary of Changes page
    6. Immediately print or copy the updated page for future proof and reference because you won’t see it again
    7. Log back into your account, and go back to the plan & add-ons tab
    8. Scroll down and look for Future Plan near the bottom left of the screen
    9. Your future plan should be listed, and info on cost, GB and w-o auto pay will be visible
    10. The abbreviation w-o stands for without, and manual payments will be required to continue phone service
    11. Look for End Date up near the top right-hand area of the screen
    12. Your service should end soon
    13. Adios, Boost – hopefully
    14. See my latest update at the bottom*


What to Do if You’re Automatically Charged Again

Hopefully, those are your 13 lucky steps on how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments. If you’re charged again, try to contact Boost Mobile Customer Service. If necessary, file a complaint with the financial institution that issued the automatic payment. Provide a copy of the change to manual payments to prove your dispute. Hopefully it doesn’t come to filing a dispute, but if you must, you’ll have sufficient proof. I’ve heard that BM customer service is hard to work with, but I don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t needed to contact them yet, and I hope that I don’t have to. Cancelling service shouldn’t be as difficult as it has been.


Service Might Continue for Sixty Days after the Final Payment

I just figured out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments last night. The plan has not reverted back to automatic payments yet, but if it would mysteriously change back to auto-pay and/or charge my Paypal account again, I have proof of the change to manual payments, and I wouldn’t hesitate to file a dispute with Paypal.

I shouldn’t be charged again. However, I’m not sure if my son’s phone will stop working the day after the manual payment goes unpaid. If the phone continues working, as long as I’m not charged, I don’t care. I just want to make sure that I knew how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments for good. I prefer Straight Talk Wireless, and I don’t plan on going back to Boost Mobile ever again.

*See my latest update below. Find out if I was charged again, and if I was able to cancel Boost Mobile automatic payments using the change to manual payments method.


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After figuring out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments on my son’s phone, I started thinking about the condition of my old Straight Talk Wireless phone. I love Straight Talk service. I’ve never had a problem, but my phone is old and the battery is starting to discharge quickly. I want a brand new phone that I can add to my Straight Talk plan. I highly recommend their service. I pay less than $45 a month for unlimited everything because I pay a full year at once instead of a month bill. If I remember correctly, it worked out to about $40 a month. It’s unbeatable, and like I said, the service is phenomenal.

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I’d much rather pay more for the phone upfront than pay more in the long run. I despise contracts. If a product or service is good, a contract shouldn’t be needed. Don’t you agree? Free and/or low-cost high-end phones are ways to lure people in on long-term and costly contracts with high monthly payments.

After figuring out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments, don’t sign up for a similar wireless service ever again. Also, don’t go with one of the overpriced highly advertised wireless companies either. Consider one of many Straight Talk Wireless Phones along with a low-cost Straight Talk plan. Straight Talk doesn’t require contracts because their service is phenomenal. They don’t have to hook customers with financial commitments to keep them on the line.

It’s one of the smartest ways to have one of the latest high-end phones for the lowest possible overall price. Add up what you would spend for a year of service with the most popular wireless providers, and you’ll see what I mean. It can cost thousands of dollars a year to have the latest and greatest smartphone, but it doesn’t have to if you buy one outright and use Straight Talk instead of falling for a contract and a reduced price phone.


*Update on My Boost Mobile Fiasco

I thought that my problem was solved when I changed my payment method with Boost Mobile from ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’. The nightmare should have ended. I changed the payment method on July 16, but in the early a.m. on July 29, they tried to debit my Paypal account again! Like I said in my instructions on how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments, I had a screen shot of the change. I knew that I might need it after realizing how difficult it was to cancel auto pay. Of course they don’t want to lose customers, and they make canceling those auto charges as difficult as possible.


Boost Mobile’s Customer Service Seemed Nonexistent

I sent a letter through Boost Mobile’s online form, but I didn’t wait for a reply. I didn’t trust them, and for very good reason. Why would I? It’s a good thing too. As of today, 1-12-2015, they still haven’t replied. The form said that someone would reply within 24 hours. Why would I believe that notation when I couldn’t even stop auto pay on my own? I should have been able to do it through Boost Mobile instead of my payment source.

I immediately went to my Paypal account and removed my backup payment method. If I didn’t, they would surely nabbed the money from my checking account. Oddly enough, it was the amount that I would be paying if the account was on automatic payments, even though the change showed ‘manual’. They make it nearly impossible to cancel if you make the mistake of signing up for automatic payments. I took it a step further to make sure that the nightmare was truly over.

When trying to figure out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments for good, I knew they wouldn’t be able to take my money since the backup payment method had been removed, but I also called Paypal the next morning to explain the situation. Since the payment was still ‘pending’, Paypal cancelled it for me. Now Boost Mobile will have no choice but to finally end their lousy service. They won’t be receiving their payment for the coming month, and supposedly, that’s what it takes to cancel. According to their site, you just stop paying when you’re ready to cancel. It’s just too bad that a person can’t cancel using an easier method. Auto pay makes cancelling Boost Mobile a nightmare.


I Can’t Recommend Boost Mobile Service

Because I had to go through that nightmare and had to figure out how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments to cancel their service, I would never recommend them to anyone. A quality company wouldn’t make canceling that difficult. Besides, my son’s phone barely worked most of the time. Much better options are available, and without contracts. I’ve never had a problem with Straight Talk wireless, and I highly recommend the aforementioned factory unlocked Apple iPhone 6 and any of the others on the list. 


*Final Update on My Boost Mobile Fiasco – Hopefully 

They managed to get one last payment out of me. When I cancelled, I failed to notice that change would go into effect the day after my next payment would have been due. How convenient – for them! Oh well. I’ll never have to deal with the company again. In any case, if you want to know how to cancel automatic Boost Mobile payments, now that you know what I went through, good luck to you. 

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