How to Guarantee You Land a New Writing Project or Client Every Time

Writing project or client

You are a writer and should get every project you want.

When it comes to finding new writing projects and/or new clients, you want to ensure that when you apply, you are almost guaranteed to receive a great response and sooner rather than later. Not almost guaranteed but actually GUARANTEED! In this post, I will tell you how to be successful with every writing client and/or project you apply for. Here is how to land a new project guaranteed, every single time.

A strong portfolio or website

Every writer needs either or both a strong writing portfolio and/or a website. To be completely honest, I don’t have a writer’s website but I DO have a very strong portfolio that gives me great results almost every single time I send it to a potential client. If you would rather have a website that showcases your work, there are many of them online for free that you can set-up quickly with your best work. You can try Wix,, or even buy your own website and hosting with Go Daddy. Go Daddy isn’t expensive and you can get both hosting and a website for as little as $1 per month through them. However, free ones are just as good. All you need is to have some place to showcase your writing work. Of course, if you are advertising your website or portfolio, make sure to have a way for the potential client(s) to contact you for work. Websites and portfolios both enable this for you. If you would rather have a portfolio, try or Here is my portfolio: See how much of my work I have on this? This is what gets the clients coming to me every time! You can also have both a website and a portfolio but really, all you need is one.

Apply and reply right away

Not only do you want to apply to that great project as soon as you see it because of course, the client needs the work done as soon as possible, most of the time, but you want to respond to their email after they get back to you in a timely manner. Don’t make them wait! Once you apply for something and they email you or send you a message through IM (Skype), you want to answer them as soon as possible. Making them wait can cost you the job and you don’t want this to happen!

Apply for the project itself

What I mean by this is, when there is a specific writing project you are applying to, for example news writing, you want to send them a few links to your news writing, not a sample article on parasites! You want them to realize you are on the same page as them and this will give you good success in landing that new project or client!

Get the work done on time, every time

Everyone knows how important deadlines are for clients and writers. If you miss a deadline by a little bit, they shouldn’t be too upset and will give you more time if you ask them but try not to do this. Only do this if you have no other choice. Once they see that you are great with meeting deadlines, they will refer you to people they know. You can also eventually ask them to write a testimonial that you can place on your website or portfolio which is another great way to land the project or client every single time you apply for something.

Try not to bid too high

But make sure to know what you are worth and make that clear to them. Don’t go so high that they will end up passing you over every single time but don’t go so low that they think you don’t know what you are worth and won’t do a good job. When someone asks you how much you charge for different projects, factor in time for research, writing, and making sure the whole job gets done great and you will be fine. Here is a nice rates calculator from that you can try out!

This is all I have right now but this should be just enough to ensure you land every job you apply to and then some. Now, go out there and get that dream writing job you deserve!

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