Best Shoes to Heal Plantar Fasciitis or a Sore Heel

When I retired from my job at a local high school, one of the reasons I decided I had to stop working was because I had developed Plantar Fasciitis, a painful condition that affects the heel of the foot. I walked continually on my job, and my feet were killing me.

I went to see a podiatrist, who ordered a custom made insert for my shoes. After a week, I decided that the insert made my feet feel even worse. Perhaps I just did not use it long enough, but it did not seem to solve my problem.  I was limping around all day long.  Finally, I gave up and retired.

A few months later, my regular internist told me that many foot problems, including Plantar Fasciitis, can be resolved simply by changing the type of shoes we wear.  She suggested I find comfortable shoes, with good arch support, with the heel about an inch higher than the toe.  In this way, she explained, the weight of the body is more equally distributed between the heel and the ball of the foot, so too much pressure is not put on the heel.  She also suggested I lose a little weight. 

I immediately recognized that the style of shoes I wore easily could be my problem. One of my daughters was a shoe buyer for a major department store chain and I was wearing a lot of the “stylish” shoes she sent me. Many of them had little or no arch support. I immediately began experimenting with different brands of shoes.

A friend suggested that I try Easy Spirit Traveltime shoes. These are slip-on shoes, also sometimes called clogs, that slightly elevate the heel, placing a bit more weight on the ball of the foot. The difference was subtle, but effective. Gradually, my foot pain went away.

Later, I heard about the Sketchers Go Walk shoes, and they were even more comfortable. Now, the only shoes I wear for more than a few minutes (for example when going out to dinner) are either Easy Spirit Traveltime or Sketchers Go Walk shoes. You can order them both online. Here are examples. Both are available in a variety of sizes, widths, and colors.

Easy Spirit Traveltime and Sketcher’s Go Walk Shoes – Read about Rainbow Flip-Flops below, Too!

Living in Southern California, I also wanted to wear flip-flops occasionally. The podiatrist helped me with this issue. He told me the best brand I could wear are Rainbows … and only the ones with the double thick sole, because they have good arch support. While I would never wear them all day or while going on a long hike, they are perfect to wear around the house or at the beach. (The above link for the Sketchers will take you to Amazon, where you can see the other brands of shoes, too.)

Wearing the right shoes has made a tremendous difference in my life!

A simple comment by my doctor, suggesting that I find better shoes, with a slightly elevated heel and good arch support, has been the best possible treatment for my Plantar Fasciitis.  If you are experiencing a sore heel, you may want to give these shoes a try, too.

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