How to Minimize Facebook Distractions When You Need It for Business

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I have no self-control when it comes to Facebook.  I get on there and get totally lost in my newsfeed.  I read articles, comment on others’ posts, do quizzes.  I can’t help myself.

People have always said, “Just turn Facebook off.”

Which is a great idea.  But I need it. Seriously.  I have to have access to Facebook in order to manage the support groups for Harlow-McGaw media and I need to have access to my Facebook Pages to promote stuff and interact with the people that like the pages.  

Also, as a writer, Facebook promotions of articles I write can add up to a lot of traffic.  If I don’t use Facebook to share my articles, I could be losing out on money.

But all that newsfeed distraction…I am not joking when I say I have no self-control and my newsfeed can distract me for hours at a time.

So what’s an online webpreneur to do?

This is what I did:

First, I added the Facebook Groups app and the Facebook Pages app to my smartphone. Now I have easy access to those things. I can answer questions in the support groups for Harlow-McGaw Media and I can post to pages.

Second, I already had Messenger on my phone but I added it to my computer as an app.  Yes, you can do that. You don’t have to be on Facebook to use Messenger!  Just do a Google search for “how to use Messenger on your desktop” and you’ll find a couple different options. Now I can communicate with writers and other Facebook friends through the app, but not need to be on Facebook.  It’s pretty awesome.

Finally, I uninstalled Facebook on my phone.  No temptation.

It’s only been a couple days but already I’m finding that I am way more productive!  I’m getting more writing done and I’m actually getting some housework done, too!  And I don’t even miss it that much!  Ok, maybe a bit but I’m getting used to it.

So, if write on my wall or comment on something that I’ve posted on my personal profile and I don’t respond, that’s why.  If you want to get a response from me you’re better off liking one of my pages (Dani.Space or Danielle McGaw – Writer, Blogger, Social Media Junkie – you can find them both by searching for them on Facebook) and commenting on the page or on a post.  Or even messaging me through those pages.  I do respond to those!

It’s almost a relief.  I’m hoping over the next month I’ll be able to stay focused this way.

Oh, I’m on Twitter still though.  I don’t find that nearly as distracting for some reason.  And I respond to people to @ message me or DM me. 🙂  I’m @daniellemcgaw on Twitter.

What do you think? Could this work for you?

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