How to Return to Writing After Taking a Break

return to writing after taking a break

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How long has it been since I’ve written here?

Looking back through my posts, I’ve not written at Daily Two Cents since the middle of December. I decided to take some time off writing full time, as I was expecting my second child. Since having her, it’s time to look at coming back.

Can I really just return to writing after taking a break? Could I really be as successful as I was?

The truth is that it is possible. I’ve done it before and I know that I can do it again. This time I won’t be taking as long off, either, so that will make things easier. But I’m not just going to throw myself straight in. As a second-time mom, I want to take it easy and work my way back into the writing world.

Here’s how I plan to do it:

Set Up a Plan of Attack

I always say that planning is essential to make writing successful. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, have been writing for years or coming back after a writing break.

Planning gives you some sort of blueprint to follow. You know when you want to get work down, when your deadlines are and any topics that you want to cover.

Usually, I plan two weeks in advance in pen and then another two weeks in pencil. I’m not going to do that this time, though.

Right now, I’m planning a week in advance in pen for the important stuff and then the rest of it in pencil. I have no idea how my second daughter will be as a baby. I can’t tell whether she’ll settle in her crib for long periods of time or whether she’ll take to her playmat and bouncy chair like her big sister did. I’m not even sure if she’ll sleep through the night in her own bed yet!

Planning in pencil means that I can change things around. I don’t feel guilty when I don’t get something done.

When I have extra time, I can write more and get it all scheduled. This is something I did before leaving work. I made sure there were posts scheduled in some of the most important places.

Plan Out a Blogging Series

Trying to come up with new topic ideas isn’t always easy. Because of that, I’m looking at planning a blogging series.

I’ll likely cover the same topic across various sites but in different ways. Doing this will make writing quicker and mean that I can cover more bases.

The benefit of a series is that I can plan out multiple posts and can even get multiple ones written when I actually have the time. I can also do a mixture of media formats, such as videos when I’m on the go and sharing quick image posts when that’s all I have time for.

By having a blog series, I’m also more likely to build a following quicker. It could be a topic that lots of people have been searching for recently, and they’re more likely to favorite a blog or subscribe to it when they know a new blog post will be released on the same topic a few days or a week later. This helps to build up my following quickly.

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Get the Behind the Scenes Pieces in Place

It’s not all about getting a post written and published. There is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes for a writer. To return to writing after taking a break successfully, I need to make sure that all those behind the scene pieces are in place.

That will take some time, but I’m already on it. My diary is out and I have a schedule in place. My accounts are in order, and I have all my important places written down so I can see them at a glance.

Then there’s the housework and looking after two children. Luckily, one of them is now in nursery three days a week, so I will get some time to myself while one naps and the other is out. The big kid (the husband) is also back at work, giving me some peace and quiet on that front!

Once you have the behind the scene pieces in place, you’re more likely to get the front stage pieces together.

Setting Out New Writing Goals

The writing goals I had when I first started working from home six years ago had dramatically changed now. Before, it was about having a full time job that I could do from home, mainly because I just didn’t like the only jobs that were available to me where I lived at the time.

Three and a half years ago, it changed to having a job that I could do while I looked after a baby. Granted, I took a long maternity leave with my first child so it was only really two and a half to three years ago that my writing goals initially changed.

Now that I’m returning again, my writing goals have changed once more. They started to change over the last year, but now the focus really is on making residual income work. I want to be able to spend much more time with my children than I ever have done before. So, that means I need to set out the new goals and see how it can be done.

This is something I need to do before I return to work; something that I’ll be doing over the next month or two. I’ll be doing a lot more research into residual income and really making it work for me and my family. My husband is also keen on it now, so he’s going to sit down with me so we can really make it work this year.

It is possible to return to writing after taking a break successfully. The trick is to get everything in place and prepare for the return. This will help you grow your business to the point it was before you left quicker than ever before.

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