How to Simplify Your Job Search

Looking for a job is definitely a job in itself. But to cut through this overwhelming task and keep it fairly simple and do-able, organization is the key. Starting with a notebook and pen will keep progress easy to control and understand and cut the frustration. This article shows you how to simplify your job search in 4 easy steps.

1) Write it down

the first thing is to write down all the places that you would like to- and is feasible to- work. Now that you’re starting fresh, you may as well try all those jobs you’ve been dreaming about and find out if there’s even a glimmer of hope. Why not?

You have the time and inclination now. Begin by making a list. Write down their addresses, phone numbers, emails and any other contact info you can glean from their information.

Then write a list of other jobs you would be interested in from the newspaper, and online in order of preference, and write down their contact info as well.

Now you are organized. You have a master list that you can work from, and you can write notes on your progress. If it turns out that you should call back on another day, write that fact down. If they’ve gone out of business or whatever, draw a line through it.

2) The secret edge- the phone call

Next, go through and phone their reception and if the manager doesn’t answer, ask to speak with them. Yes, phoning- that lost art- is best. It gives you vital information fast; it is personal; it gives them your name right off the bat and you can win them a little with your upbeat, friendly voice and polite manner.

If a manager or responsible person isn’t there, ask when they will be in and write that time and day in your notes. Then follow up at the right time. This way you will be able to talk to the person that matters and get info from the source. Plus, you can trust what they tell you.

If you can get the manager on the phone, first state your name and then tell them that you’re looking for a full or part-time position and then ask if there will be any upcoming openings in the near future. They will either say no, yes or maybe.

Even if they say no, ask them if it is a good idea to send your resume anyway and many times they will say yes. If it’s a job you will love, even if it will only be in the future, send them your resume, even though they don’t need help now. This way your resume will be in the door, if you’re not, and you can refer to it in future calls and maybe land a job there in the future.

3) Do whatever they tell you

If you can’t get the manager on the phone, or if it is a huge company that has an entire personnel department, ask the reception what is the best way to apply.

They will tell you if that is online, by mail, email, whatever.

* Note- If there’s any way to drop your resume in to them in person, take that opportunity. Look neat and well-dressed and give them a big smile while you drop it off. It’s wise not too ask too many questions or ask an unsuspecting receptionist about the job. This will look pushy and annoying. You may ask politely, if you should call in a week to follow up. This way your face has a better chance of being imprinted in the receptionist’s mind and she may remember and put a good word in for you later, if it comes up.

4) The follow up

Once you’ve sent your resume, you should call about once a week, unless instructed differently by them. Again, do whatever they tell you. Simply say you’re following up on a job position and ask about the status. They will be very specific once the interviewing is about to start, so follow their instructions. The best way to ensure you WON’T be considered for the job is to bother them too much or ignore instructions.

And even though it is disappointing not to win that interview or lose the candidacy for a position, remember, you still have that list of jobs to return to, and there are many more out there. And in the words of Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day!”


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