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1. Login

2. Once you are logged in you will be in your dashboard.  If you’re already logged in you can add your new post by clicking on the “+New” link at the top of your page in the black bar.

3. You should be on the page with the text editor now.  Copy your text from the post you have written in another document and paste it into the body or write your post:


4. Add a title:


5. Proofread!

6. Add an image and a  featured image.

7. Choose a picture from your computer and then click on |Insert image” and “Set Featured Image”.

8. Choose a category. Please no more than 2 categories per post.

9. Add tags.  Tags should be specific and relevant to the post. They should not be the same as titles or categories.  They should be 2 words or more.

And finally…

10. Change your post from “Draft” to “Pending Review”.  That way we know you are done and will review it and publish it.