I Have to See TV Shows Through to the End

see TV shows through to the end

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No matter how boring I start to find a TV show, I just have to see it through to the end. There’s always part of me that needs to know how it ended.

Shows can go on for decades, and I really have to stick with it. I won’t always watch live, but I will end up catching up in some way, shape or form. The only programmes that I don’t need to do this with is TV soaps (if I ever end up watching them) because storylines tend to get wrapped up enough for me to move on.

Take Lost for example. Because I was in university when it aired, I couldn’t always watch it live. I missed a few episodes, struggled to catch up and had too much going on to bother tuning in again. I found the fourth season disappointing, and just struggled to get through it. But a few years after the season finale, I went back to it. I got the full series and watched the episodes until I got to the end. My husband would roll his eyes at me, but I just needed to see how it ended; not read other people’s reviews of it.

I was the exact same with Heroes, even though I really didn’t like it after the second season. Luckily, there were only two more seasons to watch. I haven’t even gotten into Heroes Reborn, because otherwise I know I’ll have to watch it all even if I don’t enjoy it.

There are a few reasons I need to do this. I want to know:

  • Did it pick up at all later on?
  • What happened to my favourite characters?
  • How did storylines tie up?
  • Did the writers leave any unanswered questions?
  • What was the series finale like?

Do you find yourself having to tune in to the rest of a show after you start watching it? Is this just my OCD coming through?

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