I Heart Foreign Movies

Movies are mainly for entertainment, but they also teach people about the world and broaden a person’s perspectives or views about life. For this reason, I heart foreign movies.

When I was a kid, foreign films were nonexistent in my world. When I got married and started having children, date night for me and my spouse was him going to the video stores and renting movies for us to watch over the weekend. Sometimes, in the interest of being economical, I’d go to the local library and check out videos.

My husband used to be a foreigner. He’s was born in The Bahamas. Now he’s an American citizen. But he really enjoys foreign flicks (i.e. non-American movies). These films can be every entertaining as long as the English subtitles aren’t too hard to read. We enjoy the European films but watch more Asian films – mostly Chinese and Indian. We like intense martial arts fight scenes, but also movies that cover the history of China. As far as Indian movies – i.e. Bollywood, Collywood, Hindi, Tamil, etc. – you can always count on not only a pretty good plot to follow and great music as well. Plus we learn Indian history and culture. Lately, we’ve been exposing ourselves to Korean movies. WHOA!! There is a lot going in other parts of the world, according to these films. Would like to view more African and Middle Eastern cinema.

Know of any foreign movies (i.e. non-American) available to the American audience (i.e. with English subtitles) to watch?  TV series OK too.  Taking suggestions.  πŸ™‚


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